SBCC’s District Sustainability Plan

SBCC’s district sustainability plan states that the college wants to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve a higher level of environmental sustainability. There are many goals laid out throughout the plan with corresponding deadlines that have not yet been successfully carried out. If the Sustainability Fund were to be successfully implemented it could provide resources for any student to carry out sustainability projects on campus as there are many sustainability goals yet to be achieved.

Here are a few highlighted goals from the district’s sustainability plan:



  • “Develop a funding stream to fund student interns, maintenance costs, and staff for established food gardens & compost system”

  • “Research & experiments with low environmental and social impact food”

  • “Research & experiment with converting waste materials in food production systems” (for example coffee grounds decomposed by mushrooms)



  • “Reduce water usage by 35% by 2017”

  • “Pursue cistern/rainwater storage and conservation strategies”

  • “Become a Tree-Campus USA”



  • “Develop a sustainability pledge for students to sign to commit to partaking in District’s sustainability goals”

  • “Develop a new class or component of existing class to perform District audits, analyze data, and then use this data to promote sustainability activities for the District”