“Our goal is to create a student powered sustainability fund where the funds are allocated specifically towards environmental sustainability efforts on the SBCC campus”

In order to implement the fund successfully we need you to vote on the referendum for the Student Sustainability Fund in the student elections in April 2019. A vote in favor of the referendum would make it possible to generate about $74,000 a semester* for the Student Sustainability Fund, by implementing a $5 fee with registration. It will be possible to opt out of the fee and if you qualify for financial aid it will cover the additional fee for you.

*According to fall 2017 enrollment, 14,827 students attended classes on one of SBCC’s campuses. With the sustainability fee $74,135 would have be generated during a semester.

How Much?

$5 will be collected from each student at the beginning of each semester. These $5 will be divided in the following way.

  1. $1 will go towards funding a student worker who will manage the monetary account and be on the board of advisors that will review project proposals.  

  2. $4 remaining dollars will be left unallocated, and open to applications. We want to encourage all forms of sustainability projects on campus. Students, can apply for and work with faculty and staff with funds from this pool of money.

-The Sustainability Team

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