Success Stories

Many other campuses across the nation have already IMPLEMENTED a Sustainability Fund SUCCESSFULLY


Austin Community College (ACC) has implemented a sustainability fee.

  • The fee is $1 per credit hour, per semester, with the average student paying $8 a semester.

  • The funds raised have been used for many sustainability projects such as: recycling and Green Car parking.

  • ACC estimates their sustainability fee generates about $750,000 a year.

A large number of four year colleges have implemented a sustainability fee:

(UC Santa Barbara, Western Michigan University, Evergreen State College, University Of Colorado)


The fees range depending on the campus from 1 dollar per credit to a flat rate of 5 dollars.

  • Some of the sustainability projects from these campuses inlude:

    1. The EcoMug & Ecojug Program

    2. A Permaculture Research and Demonstration Site.

    3. A solar array on a campus building - $75,000

    4. An energy-efficient walk-in cooler unit for an Organic Farm - $1,200

    5. A public lecture series with Dr. Sanjay Mangala Gopal - $1,000

    6. And a beehive initiative